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PumpUpMyCreditScore is a comprehensive credit score building program that will assist cunsumers in building the scores needed to secure mortgage financing.  The program includes an education component, a technology component, a participation component and a monitoring component. 

The first step for a consumer to take adantage of the program is to understand the program.  We hold FREE one hour seminars several times a month and can also schedule individual consultations for those whose schedules will not allow them to attend one of the group sessions.  At the seminars, we explain the program, compare it to other programs and set expectations for results. 

The second step is to run a tri-merge credit report, the mortgage industry standard.  We then know that we are reviewing the most accurate and complete reports available as well as the most representative credit scores.   There is no cost or obligation to the consumer for us to run these reports. 

Next we review the reports to determine if the consumer is a good candidate for our program.  A good candidate would be someone who has an excellent chance of being able to raise their score to a 630 or higher within a 12 month period or less. 

After pre-qualification, we offer the program to the customer and schedule an individual meeting to get started.   

Prior to meeting with the customer we will analyze their current credit using a variety of software programs.  We will review the results of that analysis with the participant in detail and the participant will leave the meeting with an action plan of things they need to do in the weeks and months following the meeting. 

We also offer the opportunity for participants to open new accounts to generate positive credit.   We will guarantee that every participant in the PumpUpMyCreditScore program will be approved for these accounts. 

We will update the credit report at specified intervals during the twelve month program at no additional cost.  

Once the scores have improved to a level where the participant can qualify for financing, we will assist them with the homebuying and mortgage process. 

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