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What are the benefits of will help you work within the parameters of the credit reporting system to increase your scores.  Increased scores can help you qualify not only for a mortgage loan but for automobiles, credit cards and other types of financing.  High scores will ensure that you are offered the best rates available for any loans that you apply for. 

Many employers are also reviewing credit prior to hiring new employees.  Having high scores will ensure that you will not miss a good career opportunity due to your credit history. 

In addition, participants in the program will be eligible for discounts on mortgage and real estate services through Weichert Realtors BenchMark and BenchMark Mortgage.

Is everyone eligible for this program?
While we would love to be able to help everyone, we do have certain requirements.  The program will not work for those who are in an active bankruptcy, have large tax liens or judgements that are unpaid, recent foreclosures or delinquent child support obligations. 

How long will it take to improve my scores?
In many cases, scores can be improved in as little as 30 days. 

Is there a guarantee?
Your credit scores are as individual as your fingerprint so it is not possible for us to guarantee the amount that the program will increase your scores, however, we do guarantee that if the guidelines of the program are followed, your scores WILL increase.  If they do not, 100% of your enrollment fee will be refunded to you. 

Is there a cost for this program?
There is a small enrollment fee to cover the cost of running credit reports and other administrative expenses. 

What if I am in a bankruptcy?
If you are currently in an active bankruptcy you are not eligible for the program, however, please contact us once your bankruptcy is discharged and we can help you re-establish credit at that time. 

What if I have a discharged bankruptcy? 
As long as your bankrutpcy has been completed, you are a candidate for this program. 

I don't have any credit.  Will the program work for me? 
People with no credit history are perfect candidates for this program

How do I get started? 
We will be holding monthly seminars to explain the program in detail and complete enrollment paperwork.  You can register for one of our seminars on the website. 

We will also be glad to meet with you individually for a personal consultation.  Please call our office at 901-202-2000 to schedule an appointment. 

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