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About PumpUpMyCreditScore

Most consumers lack an understanding of how credit scores are calculated.  Common sense says to pay your bills on time but once your score drops due to some unforseen life event such as a divorce, illness, lost job, etc, what specifically should be done to restore a good score? 

For someone with no credit, where do you start?  Many people have told us that they have applied for credit but are turned down because they have no credit history.  What steps can someone take to get out of that cycle and build a strong score? 
will help you learn about the credit reporting system and work within its parameters  to maximize your potential scores and develop good habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.  

We have been assisting customers of our partner real estate and mortgage companies for years helping them to increase their scores for the purpose of qualifying for mortgage financing.  While working with these customers, we have reviewed literally thousands of credit reports and we have learned how the credit scoring system works.  We know what has an impact on scores and what does not.  We have learned what will increase scores and what will not.

When the "Mortgage Meltdown" began early in 2007, we estimated that there were hundreds if not thousands of people who have the income, stability and desire to purchase a home but were now out of the market due to their credit scores.  We realized that we needed to expand our program into a format that could be presented to the general public.  We developed PumpUpMyCreditScore, a program that is unique in our industry.  We currently have a patent pending for our process. 

We began publicizing our program in local magazines, on billboards and through the local radio stations and began holding free, one hour seminars at the Better Business Bureau several times a month. 

We hope that by getting as many people as possible involved in this program, we can increase homeownership, contribute to the stability of our neighborhoods and have a positive impact on the Memphis ecomony as a whole.    

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